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We are family dairy breeders in northern Illinois. Our Milking Shorthorn herd was established in 1936 by my late husband’s parents. Dutch Belted were added to the herd in 1981. We have always selected for long-lived, well-uddered, trouble-free cows that milk efficiently and sustainably.

Other grass farmers began to seek us out for genetics to improve their herds.

While we are not a commercial bull stud, this semen is collected, stored, and shipped by top custom collection services. The bulls we offer are the same we use in our own dairy herd. We are experienced at the art of line breeding and have never bred “by the numbers”. Notwithstanding, we have bred several Milking Shorthorn sires who have stood at the top of the bull proofs over the years, and are sought after by breeders for both production and functional type.

Regularly we hear from dairymen all over the country and overseas who have used our bulls over the years and are very pleased with the results. These cattle are well-adapted to grass-based dairying and will also fit in confinement.


Breeding Stock Available
Updated Spring 2016

We can usually spare a few heifers each year if you’re looking for quality foundation stock. Bull calves we now sell by pre-order, so let us know and we’d be happy to save one that would suit your breeding plans.

What Can You Expect From Our Genetics?

Offering Great Deals on Grass Genetics Semen and Breeding Stock from the Milking Shorthorn and Dutch Belted breeds.

We've been selecting sturdy cows with longevity, fertility, and mobility for 80 years.

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2016 Catalog

Homozygous polled (100% dehorner) Milking Shorthorn Bulls (p13)

Bulls with A2 Beta-Casein
See list on page 2

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Spring 2016

Inside read about: 80 Years of Breeding

What We're Hearing From You

New A2/A2 Bulls

About the Shipping Summer Nights and Boots

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