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Grass-based dairy genetics from our family farm to yours

             — Dutch Belted and Milking Shorthorns

Still Grazing After All These Years

We are third-generation family dairy breeders providing quality grass-based breeding stock and semen.

We focus on these traits:

  • Longevity
  • Excellent Reproduction
  • Sustainable Milk Production
  • Optimum Size

We are your source for linebred genetics and personal service from people who understand practical farming. For decades, our Milking Shorthorn and Dutch Belted bloodlines have been known and respected nationwide.

Our Breeds

We raise Dutch Belted cattle to preserve this valuable heritage breed that excels on the dairy and the homestead.

Our dual-purpose Milking Shorthorns thrive on pasture and have the heritage traits that make a dependable, economical dairy cow.

Who are we?

Winifred Hoffman and her daughters Martha and Miriam carry on the tradition and master breeder Kenneth Hoffman’s legacy. Find out more about our family and business here.

Breeding Stock For Sale

We sell Dutch Belted and Milking Shorthorn heifers, cows and bull calves to start or improve your herd.

Our animals are found across the nation on dairy farms, homesteads, and as family cows. See more information on our Cattle for Sale page.

Contact us and we’ll help pick out the right ones for you.

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“I’ve been using Bestyet bulls in a 3-way rotation (Milking Shorthorn/ Dutch Belted/ Jersey) for close to 20 years.

I am amazed at the strength of the cows, along with their great feet and legs and not needing a vet.  Calving ease is routine.  I get lots of comments on the nice udders.

I had a really good breeding take the first time around last year. Over 70% first time conception. Got some of the nicest cows on earth which I believe has a big part to do with the bulls you pick out for me.  Thanks for all you do.”


Grass-based dairyman from Minnesota

“We are very happy with the Dutch Belted animals we purchased from you.

The red heifer freshened at the same production as our purebred Jersey heifer from a grass-fed line.

The milk is so delicious, and they have nice cream content as well.”


Oregon micro-dairy operator

“Liesl is such a great cow! Wow, what a blessing to have her.

She gives over 2 gallons in the morning and probably close to that in the afternoon as well. And her milk is absolutely delicious!

She is so gentle and laid-back—two of my kids milk her in the afternoon.”


Bought one of our two-year-old Milking Shorthorns for a family cow in Illinois

“Agnes is doing very well and will calve again in September; I’ve retained her heifer from last year and enjoy them both immensely. Now that I’ve milked her for a year and learned to manage a milk cow, I’m very enamored of her!

She is very clever and enjoys our routine. Her milk production was perfect for calf, feeding the house and some pigs; I didn’t push her production and usually had 3 gallons after she fed her calf.

The heifer (Jolene) is as gentle as a kitten, with a soft disposition, was a snap to halter train and is very affectionate.

I’m so pleased I chose to invest in quality genetics. Even if I expand to a herd, I will use these Milking Shorthorns as brood cows. They’re doing well and have acclimated to our southern weather.”

Holly Creek Farm

Louisiana homestead farm

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