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We are excited to offer semen from this new linebred sire from the mountains of Utah. He is A2/A2 and heterozygous polled. He should add “a bit of color” to his offspring because of his beautiful roan markings. We are impressed with the strength and correctness of his build. He has a wide, deep heart girth, which we find goes well with longevity and hardiness.

We plan to use him in our herd as an outcross on some of our linebred Peerless cows because he is from such an outstanding cow family and an excellent type sire.

Felipe’s Pedigree

Here is his pedigree with actual milk records:

Sire: Cantagree Grand Duke N 68320528

PGS: Gold Mine Grandeur N 324794

PGD: Cantagree Duches O Cache 12-N 464091

Felipe’s paternal granddam, Duches O Cache 12-N, in her 9th lactation

1-10  305d    8100m  3.9%f  3.3%p

2-11  277      9850     3.8         3.0

3-11  289    10450     3.7         3.1                        

4-10  295    12100     3.6         3.1                        

5-11  275    10850     3.7         3.0                        

6-10  286    12940     3.8         3.0                        

7-11  273    10980     3.7         3.2                        

8-11  287    12420     3.5         3.1                        

9-11  247    11560     3.5         3.1                           

Dam:Cantagree Fenny N P 68317472

Felipe’s dam, Fenny, as an aged cow

1-11 298d 10540m 3.6%f 3.4%p

3-00 272 11920 3.8 3.3

4-00 270 10650 3.9 3.3

4-11 289 10782 3.3 3.5

5-11 324 11516 4.1 3.5

6-00 234 9273 3.9 3.2

Bred and due to calve 2-16-23.

MGS:Cantagree Victor Ivanovich N P  462366

MGD: Cantagree Fennel N 467074               

1-11  281d   8,550m  4.2%  359f  3.4%  291p

3-01  246d   9,780m  4.2%  411f  3.3%  325p

4-00  264d 12,230m  4.4%  533f  3.4%  411p

4-11  305d 13,500m  4.2%  568f  3.5%  475p

5-11  279d 13,700m  4.1%  562f  3.4%  466p

6-11  297d 13,200m  4.4%  578f  3.5%  459p

7-11  289d 15,260m  4.2%  642f  3.5%  534p

8-11  292d 14,200m  4.3%  617f  3.5%  495p

9-11  282d 13,240m  4.3%  564f  3.5%  466p

10-10 93d    1,450m  3.7%     54f  3.7%   54p (also nursing a calf, then left the dairy due to teat issues)

Felipe’s Background

We have deep respect for the Cantagree native dairy genetics. They have some of the best cow families of dual-purpose Milking Shorthorns kept for milking purposes, not just cow-calf. Here’s our blog post discussing more on dual-purpose Milking Shorthorns.

They have line bred these top genetics, resulting in uniformly high-quality individuals. Felipe carries both their Duchess family and Fennel’s family.

These records are made on intensive grazing in the grazing season with grass and/or grass alfalfa mix hay during winter, and 4-8 lbs per day of ground barley.

Note the excellent calving intervals and long lifetimes of these cows. Some lactations are shortened since they’re often dried off in late December due to the winter conditions in the mountains. These are solid milk records for traditional Milking Shorthorns fed a no-frills diet and managed in the open air.

We appreciate working with Bruce Wangsgard who is carrying on the Cantagree herd on his organic dairy. We’re also grateful for the continued correspondence and friendship with Cantagree founders Darren Wold and Gene Hiibner.

For more information on Felipe, see page 14 of our semen catalog.

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