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Cattle for Sale

Dutch Belted and Milking Shorthorn breeding stock for sale

We love to help new breeders get started with quality foundation breeding stock. We don’t just want to make a sale—we want to match you with the right animal.

Call (815-246-9523), email (, or message us on Facebook and we will be happy to talk with you.

Our breeds

Our purebred, registered herd of Dutch Belted cattle has been the source of foundation stock for herds across the country for almost 40 years. We are dedicated conservation breeders of this rare and useful breed, and we are honored to mentor new breeders.

Our Milking Shorthorns are milky, dual-purpose animals bred for calving ease, fertility, sound feet and legs, and efficient grass-based milk production. We are committed to preserving the traditional type of animals that farmers have relied on for generations for balanced milk and meat production.

Which breed is best for you? Our blog has an in-depth comparison.

A2/A2 testing upon request.

Family cow

Our Dutch Belted and Milking Shorthorn cattle stand out as family cows because of their fertility and longevity. They are hardy and thrive whether you want to raise them completely grass-fed or supplement them with some grain. The calves are vigorous and fast-growing. Because they are dual-purpose, the calves are valuable whether you raise them for meat or sell them.

We are happy to answer your questions, whether they are breed-related or general questions on keeping a milk cow.

Bull calves for herd sires

We take orders for Milking Shorthorn and Dutch Belted bull calves and usually sell them at 4–6 months of age. (Otherwise we castrate them around three weeks of age.)

Once we know what you are looking for, we can help you select the best bull for your herd.

We’ve been selling these linebred bull calves across the country for decades and have many satisfied customers who love the fertility, longevity, moderate size, and sustainable milk production that our genetics provide.


Since we castrate male calves that aren’t spoken for as bull calves, we often have steers available ranging from feeder steer size (500 pounds) to nearly finished weight.

Previous customers have loved adding a pretty Dutch Belted steer to their group of feeder animals, and the Milking Shorthorn steers flesh out particularly well.


We have sold calves to be trained as oxen, and we will gladly work to make a matched pair or a single calf for you. We have sold both young heifers (for light-duty oxen and milking purposes) and steer calves.

Milking Shorthorns have been used as oxen for hundreds of years, including pulling covered wagons and breaking sod with the pioneers. They are generally gentle, teachable, and intelligent.

Dutch Belted cattle make smart, lively oxen, and their belts make them quite striking.

Now taking pre-orders for calves.

We’d love to match you with a heifer or bull calf to fit your needs!

Dutch Belted heifer calf

Milking Shorthorn heifer calf