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Ordering FAQs

How long will it take to receive my order?

We are usually able to ship out quite promptly after receiving an order, whether you mail a check or pay by Paypal. Sometimes, especially in the spring, we may have to wait a week or so for a shipping tank to come back from another shipment. UPS usually takes 2-4 days to deliver to most places in the U.S.

So, to be on the safe side, try to order at least 3 weeks before you need it. Feel free to call if you have any questions about shipper availability.

How will I know when my order will arrive?

After we have prepared your order for shipping, we can email you with tracking number if you make sure we have your email address. This way you can track the shipment and know when to expect it.

How are orders shipped?

We can ship by UPS anywhere in the U.S. directly from our farm. We use a special shipping tank, a dry shipper, designed to keep the semen cold during shipping by means of liquid nitrogen absorbed into the sides of the inner wall.

Semen shipping tank
Semen shipping tank

How does the customer return the shipping tank?

When the shipping tank arrives, you should transfer the semen into a liquid nitrogen storage tank promptly, and leave the shipping tank in the same spot where the driver dropped it off.  He will return within a few days to pick it up on a call tag. 

On top of the inner lid of the tank, you will find your packing slip and complete instructions on preparing the tank for return shipping. We do like to check in with you by text, email, or phone to make sure the semen is transferred out before we create the return.

Ordering semen

What is covered in the shipping fees?

Shipping and return, shipper rental, nitrogen charges, and handling are all covered in the shipping fees we charge you, or that we pay if your order qualifies for free or reduced shipping.

Why is there an extra charge for ordering 5 straws of any bull instead of 10?

Semen is stored on a cane, with 5 straws in the plastic goblet on the bottom, and 5 straws in the goblet on the top. (See photo of cane and goblets.) When a customer orders 5 straws of a bull, we need to label an empty cane and pull a goblet off the original cane and snap it carefully on the empty cane, all very quickly to prevent damage to the semen by thawing. The cane-splitting charge covers the extra handling involved.

Semen quality is very important to us. This is also the reason we don’t sell semen in less than 5 straw increments, as that would involve pulling individual straws out, resulting in more air exposure and potential for semen damage.

semen cane with goblets
Cane with two 5-straw goblets