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Milking Shorthorn semen

Semen for Sale

We offer the largest selection of semen from Dutch Belted (16 bulls) and Milking Shorthorn (17 bulls) in the nation.

We are glad to provide individual mating advice from our decades of experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help picking bulls.

What our genetics offer

Many of our bulls are carefully selected from the best cows in our breeding herd that has been intensely selected for generations for low-maintenance cows that milk well on grass. We also carefully pick bulls from other dairy breeders who value practical cows like we do.

Our Dutch Belted bulls represent some of the best genetics of the breed, focused on milk production, strong breed character, and the fertility and longevity that sets this breed apart. We are dedicated to the preservation of these irreplaceable genetics and assisting farmers in utilizing their valuable traits.

Our Milking Shorthorn sires are from lines with persistent milk production and dairy strength while breeding back promptly. We insist on calving ease, good feet and legs, well-attached udders, and long productive lives. The bulls we carry offer a range of type, from taller, higher-production dairy animals that respond especially well to a bit of grain, to a more dual-purpose type that balances milk and meat production. We are glad to help you figure out what sires will provide the best results based on your needs.

Where do we ship?

We ship semen anywhere in the United States via UPS.

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Dutch Belted semen

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